This is a NICE 1960's Lot with 1970 #1118 Twist 'n Turn PJ $95.00

                PJ has her original hair & face paint is beautiful & has NO rubs.  Eyelashes & hair are UNCUT...N) plugs.  She has her ears pierced & no green ear.  Her left knee holds all 3 positions.  Right knee has a boo boo...a small horizontal slit about 1/4".   Back of knee shows some dirt?  There is a small pin hole on the back of each thigh. Which is NOT uncommon for these dolls/age.  Left foot is stamped JAPAN & has a slit on the bottom.  Dress her up & you will not even know it! Her rear is marked c 1966 Mattel, Inc. U.S. Patented U.S. Pat Pend Made in JAPAN. #10 on the left cheek. 


1960's Clothing Lot

Pink plain blouse (1962-1963) Very good condition!  Marked Barbie Mattel
# 919 pink Lingerie pak slip only (1962-1963) Very good  condition!  Marked Barbie Mattel

1 yellow, orange & hot pink fringed parka & bell bottom pants  
marked  c 1969 Exclusively for Shillman, Brooklyn, N.Y.
Pair of hot pink nylons could be from Movie Groovie (1969) #1866?
Yellow rain coat & white/red checked blouse is marked made in Hong Kong.
Other outfits are not tagged.

There is a bunch of accessories:  plates, glasses, wine bottle,, 4 purses, yellow mod boots.   TV, soda glass, fruit, pretzels, bun, open toed shoes, belt, 1 Scottie dog, 1 poodle, vegetables, French fries, plastic flower basket, fried eggs, beer glass & apples.

Double Barbie case is in fair condition for it's age and is marked Mattel, 1968. 

Original Hot pink suit MINT

 Shipping is extra for this lot



Original 1969 Talking PJ original hot pink/orange dress Mint $10.00

1966's clear acrylic Barbie stand~Japan $5.00

1970's Barbie lot ~2 records~Japan/player/tv & red Barbie case $10.00


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