1990's Dolls and more!

This is a nice played with lot of 3 Barbie dolls

Outfits and dolls are in good condition.

ONLY $10.00



Left is c Mattel, Inc. on neck and back c Mattel, inc. 1966, Malaysia  Wearing Daisy chain - pretty in plaid outfit~ Sixties retro style minidress.

Middle:  Marked c Mattel, Inc. 1998, c 1999 Mattel, Inc. , Indonesia

Right:  Marked c  Mattel, Inc. 1998, c 1999 Mattel, Inc., Indonesia **note right hand has chew marks? but not missing fingers


1994-1995 ? Bedtime Barbie:  good condition, $10.00
head marked 1975
The first doll with a fabric body, this Barbie is soft and cuddly to take to bed.
Brush her teeth and her mouth close, too.
Her eyes close when they are washed according to my reference book.


1997 Dentist Barbie outfit Dress only ~ needs a cleaning~ good condition $3.00

Doctor Barbie (pediatrician) ~ needs new battery:  nude doll $4.00


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