Vintage Barbie Dolls, Clothing, Accessories & More!

Ken Lot $3.00
Striped swimsuit trunks only from 1963 Snorkel Gear, tagged TM Ken by Mattel.  RIGHT: Black knit ski cap with burgundy pompom from 1963 - 1964 #798 Ski Champion outfit.









1968 - 1969 Talking Barbie original outfit TOP ONLY $3.00 good condition

#7706 1973-1974 Kens Get ups 'N Go Masculine brown plaid flannel & pale orange sleeping bag only! $5.00
#4288 1972 Barbie Camp Out Tent 11 Accessories! Good condition $10.00

#111 1973 Original Kens bathing suit trunks, orange $3.00 small hole

                                          1963-1967 Blonde Midge original swimsuit top has a run in back $3.00

1975 Barbie Baby Sits #7882 Sears Exclusive!


ONLY $10.00

  Need to complete your set?
This set has only the print sacque & lace trimmed blanket,
a white christening gown, 2 bottles, a baby dish, a bar of soap,
 a high chair, a bathtub & a pink & white gingham apron for Barbie.
Very good condition and I hand washed all.


         #1543 LOOPED SCOOP 1970 Complete outfit good condition...$25.00 LEFT
#1823 JUMP INTO THE LACE 1968  $15.00 could use a mild washing RIGHT
  ** SOLD** #1810 BERMUDA HOLIDAYS 1967 (Middle photo 3 piece) SOLD**

#1140 1966-1968 Original Francie 2 pc. Swimsuit red & white top polka dot & laced front checked bottom. Mint! $8.00
#1429 1969-1970 Rally Gear for Ken VERY NEAR MINT! I am saying that because pants need a slight washing.  Mod Leather jacket...vinyl, dble breasted waist length style. Long sleeved striped shirt & tan zippered slacks come complete with a pair of vinyl cowboy boots. Jacket & shirt have the neck split for talking kens neck ring!  $80.00. worth $200!!
#1451 1970 Tangerine Scene cute long sleeved tangerine body suit only.  $5.00 VGC


1974 Sweet Sixteen Barbie Needs repair, face paint mint!  Hair looks uncut and no missing plugs.  $8.00