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Max Max and Morgan's ABC's

AUTHOR: Debra A. Cavanaugh

ILLUSTRATOR: Robin W. Meldrum

PUBLISHER: Halo Publishing (2009)

ISBN-13: 978-1-935268-00-0


RATING: 5 stars

REVIEWED BY: Wayne S. Walker, reviewer with Stories for Children Magazine

 Can you imagine what kinds of adventures a little girl and a dog might have together? Max is a dog who arrives one March to live with Debra and Dennis at the Cavanaugh house in Willoughby, Ohio. Morgan is a young girl who comes the following June for a visit with the Cavanaughs and Max. Author Debra A. Cavanaugh, who is a registered dental hygienist, uses the alphabet to tell this true story about Morgan and Max’s activities and experiences. For example, "E is for eat. Max and Morgan like to eat meatballs." And, "M is for mud pies. Max helps Morgan make mud pies." Oh, what fun a child and a dog can experience with each other! Not only will children enjoy reading Max and Morgan's ABC's, but it is a fun way to help them learn the alphabet. The soft colored drawings by Robin W. Meldrum capture precisely how things might look to a youngster. This is a really neat book that parents and teachers will appreciate.

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