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4 Cute Barbie doll lot....$5.00 Mattel, Inc. SALE
Left marked Indonesia and the others marked Malaysia        

                                     Barbie Bride & Wedding Party Lot! $12.00 SALE
                                                                                   Marked 1966 Mattel, inc. Navy dress doll Marked Indonesia


                     2 nude Barbies Left marked c 1993 Mattel, Inc. Indonesia & Right is Marked c1993 Mattel, Inc. Malaysia  $2.00   






  Pretty Barbie...Good condition
        Marked:  c MATTEL, INC. 1966 Malaysia $5.00 SALE





Beautiful "Bead Blast" Barbie comes with her original dress, purple earrings & ring. 
This new Barbie series occurred in 1998.  Her blonde hair is origi
nal ~  fine long straight & manageable fiber.
Good condition...Marked c MATTEL, INC. 1966 China
Neck:  Marked C 1991 MATTEL,  NC.
$5.00  SALE                                                                                                        








 Beautiful Long haired blonde Princess Mermaid Barbie is dressed in her original shiny gold attire, she comes with her gold crown & star earrings.
Good condition...Marked  c MATTEL, INC. 1966 China 
Neck: Marked c 1976 MATTEL, INC.
$5.00 SALE



Workin' Out Barbie...keeps slim& trim to music with her cassette player.  She has suction cup shoes to keep her steady during workouts.
Good condition:  Marked c 1993 MATTEL, INC. China
   Neck:  Marked c 1976 MATTEL, INC.

 $5.00  SALE



Beautiful Blonde Barbie has shiny teal blue, white & gold trimmed ruffled dress.
Comes with her original pink rose earrings and necklace.
Good condition...Marked c MATTEL, INC 1966 China
Neck:  Marked c 1976 MATTEL, INC




Beautiful blonde Barbie Bride is dressed in her original off white silk and lace trimmed dress.  She comes with her original double strand pearl necklace, bouquet, pearl earrings, lacey undergarment and nylons.
Good condition...Marked c MATTEL, INC. 1966 China
Neck:  Marked c MATTEL, INC. 1976 



Barbie Bubbling Mermaid
Squeeze her tummy to make bubbles that come out of her crown!

Body changes color in warm water!

Back: marked c 1966 Mattel, inc.

Neck:  marked Mattel, inc. 1976





$10.00 MIB

   F628571 Made in China

The doll is wearing  black leather-like pants, blue shirt with sparkle Girl on the front, a brown suede jacket & a pair of Black wedge boots. 






A must have to go with Christina is a Brand new BRITNEY SPEARS Doll

FSC: F628561 Made in China

The doll is wearing  a 2 piece black shirt and pants with a pair of black boots.

   MIB ...$10.00



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Barbie ~Kelly~ The Bride~ Marked 1994 Mattel, Inc. China ~has all accessories $5.00

9 Kellys ~ Barbies Little sister ~ Some have entire outfit and some partial~
Bride, Pumpkin, McDonalds + A few need their faces washed.
2 Tommys ~ Kens little brother ~ naked ~ ONLY $20.00



4 Kellys ~ Barbies Little sister ~I am pretty sure that they are Kelly dolls...they have a mechanism in their back that allows 2 to the left arm to move and 2 to the right both arms move.All marked 1994 c Mattel, Inc. on back of neck Made in China  ONLY  $6.00



2 cute dolls marked Simba on back Made in China $4.00


Barbie is in excellent condition

~ Marked c Mattel, Inc. 1966    Malaysia  $5.00 SALE



2 Barbie Dolls MIB

1 Spring Zing #56199


Marked  2001 Mattel, Inc., El Segundo, CA  90245 USA Made in China


1 Rio de Janeiro #56880

Marked 2002 Mattel, Inc., El Segundo, CA  90245 USA Made in China



Hollywood nails Barbie has blue nail polish on her fingernails & she has vivid crimson lipstick!  Barbie likes to wear extra makeup under those bright disco lights.  She has brown eyeliner and small twists of hair give her a new look!  Good condition
Marked:  c 1993 Mattel, Inc.  China
Neck:  Marked c Mattel, Inc. 1998  $5.00







Marked c Mattel, Inc.1966, Indonesia Neck: Marked 1976 Mattel, Inc. good condition $5.00









Right doll Neck: 1991 Mattel, Inc
c 1999 Mattel, Inc. Outfit: Disney
Good condition $5.00

Left doll:  Neck c Disney
c Mattel, inc.1966 China $4.00



 Marked c1999 Hasbro Inc.  Made in China good condition $5.00



                Neck is marked c1991 Mattel, Inc. China
          switch on the back makes her eyes/lashes close! $5.00