Johann Haviland~  Blue Garland  Pattern,  Marked Bavaria, Germany

1 cup and 1 creamer  ~  1 chip on cup  $10.00 for both



Misc. Vintage Pope Gosser china saucers  (1)   $5.00 set gold edged

5 salad plates?

8 desert plates?

1 saucer for a cup


Mics. Set ~   Household Institute ~  Eggshell Nautilus, Priscilla pattern.  $10.00

12 small bowls ~  1 has some chips under lip?

4 small/ plate/ saucers?  1 has a chip on the top of lip?

2 saucers

12 med size plates  ~ 1 has a chip on top of lip and on edge?

4 larger plates ~ 1 has a chip?

**NOT  good with condition BUY AT YOUR OWN RISK…I am not a dealer or know anything about condition of these pieces.

NO RETURNS…ADVISE insurance please.

Photos upon request: