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Debra's unique 3 in 1 book

  For all your Cooking, Holiday & Party needs...
 Cook up some delicious recipes from Debra's unique, fun & easy cookbook see below...
Whip up sensational Salsa on page 16 & a Refreshing Pitcher of my
 Fantastic Fuzzy Peach Drink (frozen)  page 6,
Pork Chops & Rice casserole (very tender) on page 13,
Try my delicious Summer Salad on page 18,
Chicken Dip as a wonderful & easy Dip page 3
& for dessert...
Debra's Unbelievable  Low fat Lemon Cake!

  Wonderful for any occasion & all your gift making needs!
Cook up a delicious & easy Dinner, Brunch, Lunch & More!


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Stands up horizontally making it easy to read and cook by!

 **All recipes are made with

  Skim Milk
Canola Oil
 Light Margarine
Unsalted Butter 

Making it "Good for your Heart Cooking!"

**Diabetics...You can use Splenda for the sugar! 

Wonderful fundraiser...I have countless ideas.

 Great for children's fun-filled craft night!

Ideal for school gift making projects & Birthday Parties too.

 Make gift baskets with the book & cooking untensils, towels, ingredients, spices, bundt or muffin pans!

 If you do not have my book, you do not know what your missing!
 Mmm...light cooking & delicious too!


15 Easy & fun recipes that your friends & family will rave about .

Make your Holiday Cookies...Page 1

   Try my wonderful Summer Salad...secret is the salad dressing.

Kids love my Healthy Cheese will never fry again!

For your parties & a delicious desert...try my Low Fat Lemon Cake with fat free vanilla ice cream or fat free whip cream.  Use strawberries, raspberries or sherbet!  
Sprinkle candy on the plates.                              

       My  famous & fabulous Low Fat Lemon Cake

Only 1.5 grams fat & **0 cholesterol!! 
You will not  believe how moist & delicious it is!

For a Wedding


       If you do not have it your missing out!

For a sore throat stir up some Tangy Spiced Tea Mix.

Just taste my delicious Debra's Decadent Muffins...pure butter.
Makes 72 minis or 18 large muffins!



Try these recipes for something new for any occasion.....

                                    Whip up a batch of Debra's Decadent Muffins on Page 4!                                     

Cook up Broccoli Cheese Casserole on Page 2 or
       Serve my famous & fabulous Low Fat Lemon Cake with          
*0*  Cholesterol on Page 11 & 12!

Use your leftovers for potato pancakes or sweet potato casserole...
Add skim milk, eggs or egg beaters, Delicious!

Drizzle my Sensational Summer Salad dressing on recipe
& for more favorites click  below...

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                    The back of book is The story of "the shamrock"                      
so why not give the "Luck of the Irish" to everyone!


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