The Pierce Dollhouse Kit

Copyright 1981 Greenleaf Steel Rule Die Corporation
Have the original box and the wooden pieces the die cuts came from!

I put this together in 1981 & is almost completed.

Included are miniature kits, furniture, couch, table(s), desk, kitchen sink, dishes, etc.

Rooms are carpeted (not) glued down and wallpaper will be included that I purchased for the house.

Also there is a mini. electrical light and more.

Photos to come soon...sorry pick up the item only....too big to ship and fragile!

About the house it is painted white trim and blue grey house.
Has part of the roof done, pretty much all the house is glued together.

SOME OF IT Needs to be re-glued.
Scale 1" = 1'
precut plywood parts
assembled size is:  35 1/2 x 33" x 25"
Victorian style
6 large rooms and third floor attic
curved staircase
2 fireplaces
5 gables and tower room
wrap around parch
4 bay windows
silk screened plastic windows
assemble without nails or screws
detailed assemble instructions included




email me here for questions


Money orders only please**




Thank you