The golden Book History of the United States ~ Volumes 1- 12

By  Earl Schenck Miers

Golden Press

      From my collection when I was a child ~ USED & Good condition ~ $400.00 

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      Alton S. Tobey was contacted in the early 1960's  by Golden Press  publishers in New York to undertake a  most extensive art publishing project of his career.   Golden Books planned on creating a 12 volume set containing more than a thousand pages of illustrations &  text on the history of our country.   From the discovery of the North American continent in the 15th century to the beginning of the space age in the 1960's.

          The text in the volumes was written to be enjoyed & understood  by all Americans of school ages.   These volumes were designed to appeal to citizens at any educational level.  It was necessary for the publisher to find an artist who could narrate in pictures the most important events in our country's history with historical accuracy & in imagination as well.

         Alton Tobey had proven himself  as America's most successful painter of historic murals.    In a period of just over a year and a half, Tobey executed a total of more than 350 individual paintings for the 12 volume series. Thousands of copies were sold all over the world and the original books themselves are now considered collectors' items.





















Each volume in the series contains a fold out print of a major painting in the book which is suitable for

The final Volume 12 contains this image of the Mount Rushmore Memorial as the featured work.

Vol #1  fold out painting Columbus lands in the new world ~ 1492 This vol.  cover:
 Pilgrims landing at Plymouth Rock on December 21, 1620.   Starts with the first Viking voyages & ends with colonies growing in the New World.


Minor wear on the covers edges NORMAL FOR IT'S AGE!

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