This collection offers a unique opportunity to relive some of the history.  As you go through this collection, I m sure you will enjoy the vivid accounts of each champion and his victory.


Still in the shipping box that i received it in 1997 from QVC


Opened only 1 time (by me)  to put the cards in the sleeves !

The ultimate Golf Collection Champions  of Golf ~ The Masters collection
A limited printing ~Featuring every champion of the Masters tournament
A complete set of 62 collectible cards ~1934-1997

Horton Smith  ~1934

Tiger Woods ~1997 in his famous RED shirt!

Each collectible card is elegantly designed and features authentic Masters photography from each legendary victory, along with captivating stories of each champion and his triumph.  Proudly introduced with a foreword by four-time champion Arnold Palmer, this is a living collection and each new champion is crowned!

copyright 1997 Grand Slam Ventures, Inc.

Comes complete in a nice & original  black notebook and inside has all the signatures written in gold.

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