Copy/ paste, print cards & cut out with fancy scissors!

Holiday fun projects & giftmaking ideas


Make some gifts & tags from me… for under the tree!

Highlight, copy and paste... you have a card!!


"Hope a merry "HO-HO-HO fills your heart the whole year though
Merry Christmas"
Gift: Box of Hostess Ho-Ho's. Decorate the box or put in
a Christmas type bag.


"Christmas is coming and so are the deer,
Listen closely and bells you will hear.
Along with them comes a special treat,
Reindeer droppings for you to eat!!
Merry Christmas"

Gift: attach to a box of Whoppers or Milk Duds


Hoping you have a "ball" this Holiday Season!
Merry Christmas"

Gift: Popcorn balls, or cheese ball and crackers.


"Whisking" you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!"
Gift: Whisk filled with treats.


We're "ROOT"ing for you to have a wonderful New Year!"
Gift: 2 liter bottle of Root Beer


"Have a Hot and Spicy Christmas!
Merry Christmas"

Gift: Salsa and tortilla chips


"Here's some zesty salsa to spice up your holidays!!
Merry Christmas"

Gift: Salsa and tortilla chips, any kind of popcorn treat, microwave popcorn

"Hope your Christmas is "tree"mendous!"
Gift: Christmas Tree shaped pasta or fill tree shaped
container with goodies; place cookies and candies tree-shaped tray or
a small mini or tabletop Christmas tree.


"Season's" Greetings. Hope this will "spice" up your Christmas!"
Gift: Seasoned salt in a salt shaker or any type of spice


"Have a "berry" nice Holiday Season"
Gift: Jar of jam, Strawberry Cheesecake mix or
flavored berry syrups and pancake or waffle mix.


"May your Holidays "bubble over" with fun! Merry Christmas"
Gift: Bubble bath or bath crystals with any bath accessory.


"S-breading some holiday Cheer, from us, to you, this time of year."
Gift: Loaf of bread.


"Hoping your Christmas is Heavenly"
Gift: Anything that has to do with an angel...or
give an Angel Food cake mix with toppings or
Angel Hair pasta.


"Just "popped" over to wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year"
Gift: Any type of popcorn....(microwave, tin) or bottles of soda pop


"Have a "whopper" of a Christmas"
Gift: Box of Whoppers candies


"Hope your Christmas is "Scent" sational"
Gift: Bag of potpourri or a scented candle.


"Hope you have a "grate" Christmas"
Gift: Grater, cheese and Nacho chips


"May your Christmas be Merry and "Sprite"
Gift: 2 liter bottle of Sprite.
Decorate top of bottle with holly leaves and berries


"We couldn't re"strain" ourselves from wishing you a Merry Christmas"
Gift: Fill a strainer with goodies.


"Friends like you are worth a "MINT!" Merry Christmas"
Gift: Fill a jar or mug with peppermints.


"Have a holly "jolly" Christmas"
Gift: Fill a jar or mug with Jolly Rancher candies


"Wishing you a "Souper" Holiday Season"
Gift: Soup packet with crackers in mug or soup bowl


"You're getting 'muffin' for Christmas"
Gift: Muffins or muffin mix.


"Have a "pasta-tively" Happy Holiday"
Gift: Christmas Angels or Tree shaped pasta in a jar
or bag. Or give any type of pasta along with a pasta spoon.


"Have a "beary" sweet Christmas"
Gift: Bear-shaped bottle of honey... or a
mug filled with gummy bears

"Ho-Ho-Ho"memade Bread"
Gift: Loaf of homemade bread


"May your Christmas be festive and fruitful.
Merry Christmas"

Gift: Fruit basket or jar of dried fruit.


"Hoping you have a holiday "jam-packed" with fun"
Gift: Jar of jam.


"May your days be happy, and your heart be light,
Your Christmas Merry, and
the New year Bright"

Gift: Candle.


"Best Wishes for a bright and beautiful Holiday Season"
Gift: Candle.


"May your Christmas be "sprinkled" with laughter and love,
Merry Christmas"

Gift: Cookie sprinkles, cookie cutters and a recipe for sugar cookies.


"Here's a little "dough" for Christmas!
Merry Christmas"

Gift: A roll or tub of cookie dough and cookie cutters


"Wishing you joy beyond "measure
Merry Christmas"

Gift: Fill a measuring cup with Christmas treats or goodies.
Variation: Add a measuring tape or ruler.


"Just a little Christmas cheer from us, to you, this time of year.
Merry Christmas!"
 Gift: Bottle of sparkling cider, sparkling grape juice or other bottled spirits.


"Wishing you a warm and wonderful Christmas!"
Gift: Hot chocolate mix and a mug.


"Remember… Santa "Chex" his list twice to see who's been naughty or nice.
 So be good for goodness sake! Merry Christmas!"

Gift: Bag of Chex mix.


”We Whisk you a Merry KissMas!”
Gift: Fill a wire whisk with Hershy Kisses and a ribbon.