All Corded necklaces slip over your head very easily!


Natural stone, with black glass & coppertone swirled beads.

measures approx. 13" from the bottom of knot to end of necklace.  $10.00









Natural grey, whitish & black stone with Volcano Swarovski Crystals. Measures approx.  13".  $5.00


  Natural stone with silvertone spacers & black beads. 
                                  Measures approx. 12" 3/4" from bottom of knot.  $5.00



This unique set has vivid red carved hearts with black beads and earrings are sterling silver. 
 Measures approx. 12 1/2"  0nly $10.00 for the set.



This set has natural stones and sterling silver beads
and silvertone earrings. 

Measures approx. 12 1/4" $10.00











Tigers eye stone and volcano Swarovski Crystals.  Measures approx. 13".  $5.00
















Wooden beads  $10.00                      



     Real turquoise cubes $ 10.00 


  Silvertone posts/Glass beads & Chinese jade   $10.00


Below are corded/lobster clasp enclosure resin sandal chokers.
$5.00 each measure approx. 20" Can slide off sandal & use something else.
matching silvertone posts earrings are available ~please ask! 



Tigers eye/Swarovski crystals and lobster clasp enclosure  $5.00
Matching earrings are available upon request!


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