The perfect gift...for a Baby shower, Birthday, Children & Holidays



1 ~ Plush bear

1 ~ Adoption paper 

1 ~ Fleece blanket ~ meas. 26” x 26" ~ Pink or blue


1 ~ Max and Morgan’s ABC’s ~ Autographed Book by Debra A. Cavanaugh, R.D.H.

 $27.00 ~ shipping is extra!






 **please note that bear colors & the blanket styles will vary**


Max & Morgan's friends "Maxi" & "Maxwell"
 Comes with an adoption paper & their very own birthdates.
Complete with stickers to decorate their papers!

Put your child to bed with Maxi or Maxwell and read them Max & Morgan's ABC's.


 "Maxi" comes with a pink bracelet with: "M" block bead,
 Adoption papers/stickers
Mini Pink tote bag meas. 6” x 6"

Maxwell" comes with a black necklace with: "M" block bead,
Adoption papers/stickers
Mini black or blue tote bag meas. 6” x 6"

                    Sweet Dreams
                          From Debra




  Add for additional costs~

1 Zip Top Organizing utility tote ~ Available in 18 colors/patterns  $35.00

Approx. 15.5" W x 10.25" H x 6.5" D
This versatile, spacious tote keeps your clutter organized!
 Seven side pockets are perfect for bottles & more!

Available Prints NOW are while supplies last:

Zip Top Organizing utility tote:      #4451   

 C:\Users\Debbi\Pictures\Grace adele\31 organizing tote.jpg embroidery is an additional $7.00**

1 Keep-it caddy ~ Available in many colors/patterns $22.00
Approx. 8"H x 13"W x 6.5"D
This handy storage solution is great to keep in the car so you'll always have
 everything when you're on the go, or use it to organize your office,
 living room, basement or more.

Available prints NOW while supplies last: #3894

 C:\Users\Debbi\Pictures\Grace adele\PINK 31 tote.jpg   embroidery is an additional $7.00**

      *click onto link below to choose your patterns*


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