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                              For your pets Holiday gifts!


All come with a large satin beaded & gold pattern foil gift bag! 

Stuff extras, like biscuits, treats, toys, etc. Ready to give !

SALE $10.00



All collars extend to approx. 22 1/5" in length and smallest is 19"


This collar comes with a detachable charm you can put onto a collar, key ring or?
  SALE $10.00





This collar has a Detachable charm you can put on anything.
     SALE $10.00



Do not forget to put them into your pets new Christmas Stocking?
 available only: 1 red or 1 green ~
ONLY $4.00 each





 Collars with Rhinestones & Swarovski crystal charms for your high fashion girls!

1/2" Width collar with metal hardware
7-10" neck size  $15.99
For TOY Breeds



1/2" Width collar
11-14" Neck Size $16.99
For SMALL Breeds






Please note that the collars are more (lighter) pink like the first photo!**




For medium to large dog: Made by Big Paws Hot/light pink collar with cupcakes!
Nylon inside & cloth outside
Measures approx. 1 inch in width
Size: Aprox. 15" to 24"





4' Leash Black dog paws/milkbone & red
Black Collar is medium & has a Santa charm
Comes with 2 Christmas chews and the red metal heart case ONLY $11.99


2 Doggie Blue bag sets ONLY $8.99 each!
Collars are red/black/blue and dark green ~ 16 -22"
Comes with a Shaggy plush dog toy and 2 Christmas chews!


1 Girl kit Only $8.99
Plastic bag ~ pink, yellow, purple and blue
Collar is multicolored Pastel Strips  with a Blue heart charm
Small Breeds  ~ 8 - 14"
Comes with a Christmas chew and a leopard small ball!




For the larger boy!  Adjusts to approx. 15" - 19" $3.99


All collars and leads below are:
Leads are 4' $6.99 each

XS collars neck size 8'-12"  $3.99 each
S/M collars neck size 12"- 18"  $4.99 each

Only 1 available of each!

#1 Black bone                    #2 Royal blue bone


#3 Black paw                                                              

      #4 Royal Blue paw Same as the black but royal blue


XS collars only 1 available of each

                    #5 black bone                                #6 Red bone                     


#7 Black paw                              #8 Blue paw



S/M collars only 1 available of each

#9 Black paw       

    #10 Black bone not shown 

**Please order these by # and color**  Thank you!




Green Stocking set ONLY $15.99
Collar:  16 - 22" Red/black/green and yellow With a Santa Charm!
Leash is red/multicolored 5'
Rope & red chew toy
Christmas chew


For the cat lover!
Only $9.99

Fish Stocking with easy adjustable fit collar 11.75"
and their very own Morris the cat ball toy!

Fill it with anything, put catnip in the front pocket or their photo!



Lasting comfort jingle Cat collar ONLY $2.00 only 1 green left!

Measure approx. 12" long, can be made smaller!

  Stretchy with 3 bells and one smaller on the clip for a tag.

Little cat paw stockings Approx. 4" x 4" Has a satin ribbon for hanging.
ONLY $2.00 each



26" braided lead ONLY $3.00 2 available


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Initial rhinestone/bone pet charms

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