Debra's Handmade 3 Natural Soaps on a rope...

Make bathing or washing your hands FUN FOR EVERYONE**

Use them for the shower, bathroom, pool, outside ~ great for gardening clean ups.

Great gift s for baby showers, birthdays, pool parties and more!

Just Hang it anywhere, cut the rope and there you are ~ a unique gift made from the heart.

Comes wrapped in a hand towel with a raffia bow

$14.00 a set

Fish are made of  Glycerine:
 Known to have moisturizing characteristics.  Its unique natural ingredients are derived strictly form plant origins.
Enjoy its soothing effects which help you hydrate & heal any dry, damaged areas.


   Blue food coloring  ~ unscented





Ducks are made of Aloe Vera:

Know to be a healing herb that clears blemishes, soothes dry skin and helps heal bruised or blistered skin. 
Apply daily to protect against harmful effects of the sun, as well as to maintain a healthy and youthful appearance.

   Yellow food coloring





 1 single duck or fish on a rope &  a yellow or blue wash cloth tied with a raffia bow



Pink bunnies coming soon!

Bathin' Fun Squirt Mates  ~ $1.00 each while supply lasts! ~

Add a Rubber ducky or a whale   ~ sizes vary & colors


Starfish, Octopus


Sea horse or a purple fish!


 A Tropical fish bath sponge is available:  $2.00 each

1 hot pink, 2 blue, 1 orange




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