Aventurine is the stone of opportunity and attracts prosperity. Keep an aventurine in your left pocket when
you are buying a lottery ticket or playing any game of chance. Green aventurine can also show the path to
other possibilities. If you are undecided about something that you have to make a decision, bury a green aventurine
on the north corner of your house on the night of the full moon. Three nights after the full moon dig it up and
put the green aventurine under your pillow, the next morning you should know the best decision.


Adventurine Celtic Silvertone earrings $3.00
 Matching necklace is available also!



Adventurine Celetic Choker with extender & lobster clasp.
 Approx. 9 1/2"
Extends to approx. 11 1/2" $5.00

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Sterling Silver Celtic & Adventurine Fish hook Earrings $5.00
Stones slightly lighter in color



                                                    Clover green silvertone posts $3.00    

                                                                                               Excellent for girls!


Malachite is a stone that amplifies all emotions, both positive and negative.
It is a protection stone as it absorbs pollutants easily.
This makes it a good stone to keep on a high shelf in a child's room.

Silvertone Malachite hearts on posts $3.00
Excellent for children!  Approx. 1/4"



Malachite double hearts Sterling silver wires

Meas. approx. 3/4" $5.00





                                  Celtic & Chez. crystal Silvertone French wires $3.00





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